Over Volt offers licenses for VSControl

VSControl - Xen Powered
 VPS Virtualization System.

Powerful virtualization software based on XEN. VSControl allows you to create, edit, manage, and monitor virtual private servers using your web browser. Use the reliable control software OverVolt uses for our Xen based VPS servers.

VSControl plus Xen equals one quick butt VPS server

Want to sell quality VPS nodes to your clients. Then use the Reliable Simple to use VSControl software over The XenŽ OS hypervisor, the powerful open source industry standard for virtualization.

OverVolt can lease a server with the Xen OS controlled by the Powerful Easy to Use VSControl VPS virtualization setup ready for your client's accounts.

You decide the number of VPS nodes  you would like to host on your VPS server and OverVolt will recommend the correct server for you. Then you sit back and relax because OverVolt will install and setup your server and deliver it ready for your clients to buy your VPS nodes.

VSControl paired with Xen provides a lightweight footprint that will leave your server's resources open to be used by your VPS clients.

What could be better than that? Why FREE software of course! If you lease a VPS server from us (in our Texas datacenter) we will include the Xen operating system and VSControl.

Pricing For non OverVolt servers

Number of LicensesPrice
1-4 servers/nodes (unlimited vps) $25 /mo each
5-9 servers/nodes (unlimited vps) $23 /mo each
10-24 servers/nodes (unlimited vps) $21 /mo each
25-49 servers/nodes (unlimited vps) $20 /mo each
50-74 servers/nodes (unlimited vps) $18 /mo each