Over Volt's VPS Add-ons

For your clients who wish to buy the following:
Interworx Control Panel for VPS $10/mo.(free installation)
DirectAdmin Control Panel for VPS $10/mo. (free installation)
WebMin/ClientMin FREE ($15 installation)
ClientExec - client, support, billing software $5/mo ($10 installation fee) or
WHMCS - client, support, billing software $10/mo  ($7 installation fee)
RvSkin $3.00/mo
Fantastico $3.00/mo
Installatron $3.00/mo

Additional IPs - 3 included per VPS - $1.50/mo for additional IPs (billed annually)
VPS Extra Ram $10/mo. per 256 mb

Additional IPs - Shared $2/mo, VPS $1.50/mo, Dedicated $1.00/mo (Sold Annually only) NO REFUNDS.
We require ARIN approved justification for more than 5 IPs assigned to any one account.

BACKUP SERVICE:  $5/mo. or $15 minimum for us to restore your VPS data.
A VPS is treated almost like a dedicated server when it comes to backup. Dedicated servers don't include ANY backup. Our VPS accounts are backed up but at a fee of $5/month to have 24 hour access or a fee for us to restore your data. Minimum fee is $15.
  You can backup by downloading compressed files to your home computer. It is recommended to do this regardless of any other type of backup provided. We DO NOT GAURANTEE data backed up on our system!
  We Backup your VPS  controlled by R1Soft backup software. R1Soft is the industry standard for hosting backups. Contact sales for more information. For VPS accounts you can either buy a direct account on the control server ($5/mo) which gives you access to your and your client's folders allowing you to restore them without even contacting support. OR! You can pay for our technicians to restore anything from your entire VPS to one folder. Prices will reflected the amount of accounts or folders we have to restore. A $15 minimum will be charged. Our $35 per 1/2 hour increment is charged to restore folders.