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Telephone Support - Available from 11 AM to 9 PM Monday - Friday Eastern Standard Time
Billing, Sales & Support+1 (678) 995-8786
Fax number +1 (770) 704-7907
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PLEASE NOTE: Your email address must be registered in your Client Area or your mail be be rejected by the help desk.

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Q. What are some things I can do to insure my order isn't rejected?
1) Use your ISP email account. Using a free email account will throw a flag on any order that increases the likely hood of the order being rejected.

2) Use your home telephone number. Cell phone numbers often show up as being located away from your residence.

3) Use a phone number that you have immediate access to. The fraud protection software will often call you and give you a verification code to enter on the order from

4) Never order using a proxy. Your order will never be accepted from a proxy site.

OverVolt has a "NO SPAM POLICY"

All work done when your server or Dedicated Servers which are not covered by our Managed Services is done at a rate of $160 per hour 1/4 hour minimum.

Extra IP addresses MUST meet ARIN justification.


For a list of helpful websites, script sites and webpage tools CLICK HERE


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