Over Volt's Reseller Account Explained

A reseller account is for you if you wanted to sell webhosting yourself or perhaps your a developer and would like each of your clients to have their own control panel

Their are different levels of reseller accounts.
1) Shared Reseller. This type of reseller account you would be on a shared server with other clients. You would rent an agreed amount of the server's resources usually limited to amount of storage, amount of bandwidth and any IP addresses you need.

 What differs a Reseller Account from a regular hosting account is the addition of WHM (Web Host Manager) with the cPanel that a common shared client gets for his site. WHM allows you to setup different levels of hosting accounts and resell the bandwidth and storage to clients who want to host to host their own websites. WHM allows each of your clients to have their own cPanel to manage their account.

2) VPS Reseller. This type of account you are leasing a slice of the server which is isolated from other VPS slices. You do not have to consider other clients (except your own). You also get root access. this is access to the operating software level and allows you to install any software you like whereas with a shared account you have to consider the other clients on the server and in most cases special software is not installed on a shared server simply because of it's effect on the other clients on the server. With a VPS it's like having your own server and you decide what software you want to install.

 Also with a VPS you are guaranteed an agreed amount of storage, Bandwidth and memory and it isn't shared with anyone else. It is sitting there waiting for only you to use it. The CPU is equal share and is the only conflict you must consider other clients for.

 With a VPS you have:

  1. Your own mail server. You decide how many emails to send per hour.
  2. Your own Apache server. You can configure it any wasy you like.
  3. Your own FTP server. This will allow you to use secure encryption keys to securly transfer your data.
  4. Root access
  5. Better Security (your VPS is isolated rom other clients)
  6. Better performance (you have the resources you purchased in reserve for use only by you)
  7. Flexability (your able to open any ports you need, custom configure the firewall, install whatever software and applications you want.
  8. Easy growth. When you need more resources we simply add them to your existing account.

3) Dedicated Reseller. When you out grow our VPS Plans, or your an already established reseller with a lot of accounts it's east to transfer to your own dedicated server and you can keep your "Hosting Reseller Package" too. Because of the possibility of a large number of your clients that we will need to support there is a slight price increase for our Enduser Support. Everything else remains the same. See the "Dedicated Reseller" page for answers to all of your questions.

You can select from any of our dedicated servers to place your "Hosting Reseller Package" on. Be sure to check out our "Clearance Servers" page for a low cost way of upgrading to your own server for hosting your clients.

Having your own dedicated server is of course the ultimate hosting company's step into being a full plege Hosting Provider. You can now officially drop the "reseller" from your company title. If your slightly apprenhensive about running your own server then add our Full Server Management (currently only $29) and we will take complete care of your dedicated server. Shared and VPS come fully managed because those accountsare on machines that have other clients as well so we include management for them but we must have a small additional fee for managed dedicated servers. Again goto our "Clearance Servers" page to get the answers to all of your questions. Of course if you need to contact us about something that isn't clear we are always here for your questions and support isssues.

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