OverVolt Servers announces Free Helpdesk Software!

News Release   March 2010

 OverVolt Servers (www.OverVolt.com) is happy to announce a partnership with Vision Helpdesk (www.thevisionworld.com).

 OverVolt Servers introduced Vision helpdesk in their company as a way to provide end-user support to their VPS and Dedicated Server clients who sell Web Hosting. Vision's True Satellite Helpdesk allows OverVolt to support their clients from their client's website remotely. The end-user logs into the support form on the client's webpage and submits their help request, browses available downloads, searches the knowledgebase, or reads the client's company news all without knowing they are supported from outside the client's company.

  End-user support for clients who resell webhosting is included as part of OverVolt's "Hosting Reseller Package". OverVolt Servers' "Hosting Reseller Package" includes EVERYTHING needed to start or grow your webhosting company:
> A powerful VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Server
> 3 Private IP addresses (included)
> SSL security certificate (included)
> Custom Personal Nameservers (included)
> ClientExec automated hosting software leased license (included)
> ENDUSER SUPPORT using Vision Helpdesk (included)

 OverVolt supports your hosting clients directly and discreetly From YOUR Store Front website! Vision's "True Satellite Helpdesk" feature allows OverVolt to place a fully customizable support access form directly on YOUR website where your clients sign in and submit their help requests. Your client's help tickets go to a generic named server and domain name where OverVolt's highly qualified friendly support staff answer their questions and solve their hosting problems.

 We are so happy with Vision that we entered into a partnership program with thevisionworld.com (Vision Helpdesk) and we now offer FREE Vision Helpdesk single user license to ALL of our clients (says Russell at OverVolt Servers). Any OverVolt client that needs to provide client support can now obtain a free single user Vision Helpdesk license that will give them access to Vision Helpdesk's powerful easy to use software.

 Vision Helpdesk is a Leading Ajax Web-Based True Satellite Helpdesk. It allows you to manage support for multiple companies from one place. In a nutshell Vision is about High Speed Performance, Security, Reliability, Scalability, Portability and User-Friendliness. Vision Helpdesk reflects the state of the art in web based helpdesk solutions. It derives benefits of latest Web2.0 technology and equips support staff with fast, secure and user-friendly interface. It is extensively designed with PHP Ajax that offers user-experience improvement, decreasing user delay, decrease in bandwidth usage, high speed results and loads of features.
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