Over Volt's "Hosting Reseller Package"

 OverVolt's "Hosting Reseller Package" is Everything you need to sell webhosting at a discounted price. Lease one of our powerful dedicated servers or a VPS with RAID 10 STORAGE, LIVE Memory and generous bandwidth then add the "Hosting Reseller Package" and your ready to sell web hosting or grow your current hosting company. We include everything you need for reseller hosting. All you do is run your company and leave everything else to us.

 The OverVolt "Hosting Reseller Package" includes:

  • Fully managed Support for your VPS / Dedicated Server. $20 value included (Third party programs not included)

  • End User Support for your hosting clients on VPS accounts is included. $20 value included

  •  Dedicated Server End User Support up to 300 accounts $40/mo - UNLIMITED accounts $60/mo

  •  We use Vision helpdesk and a generic server to support your clients. MORE

  • SSL Security Certificate included. ($30 value) Encryption for safe e-Commerce transactions.


  • 3 Private IP addresses. Dedicated servers have 5 IPs included. (up to $72 value included)

  • WHMCS automated hosting software license included free.

  • eNom domain reseller account. Sell domains at your cost of $9.95 (.com, .net, .org and more)

  • SSL reseller account included! Sell SSL certificates starting at just $19.95

  • Sell Domain ID Protection and almost all of the products offered by eNom.

  • Root access (install whatever you want on your server)

  • Server and VPS monitoring included. ($9/mo Value! Included)

Client Support Information

How does OverVolt support my clients?
 Your client logs into the support form on YOUR webpage and submits their help request or browses available downloads, search the knowledgebase, or reads your company news all without knowing they are supported from outside your company.

Can I see the support tickets?
YES! You can monitor your clients tickets and even reply to their tickets from your own helpdesk account login.

Can I create content relevant to my company?
YES! A Knowledgebase, company News area, Troubleshooting and Downloads area are fully configurable for your company?

How do you keep my clients from knowing you are providing support?
We use a generic domain name for the server where the Vision helpdesk software is hosted. Your clients use YOUR site to submit tickets and all emails have the generic server listed in the headers.

SSL Certificate

A "RapidSSL" security certificate is included with the "Hosting Reseller Package". This SSL certificate encrypts the information your client submits to your site when placing a order or opening a ticket. A SSL certificate provides confidence for your clients and peace of mind knowing that their personal information and passwords are safe. SSL is purchased for yearly terms. So if you stop your service with us before completing 6 months of continuous service a fee of $3 for each month short of 6 months will be  billed. This is because the SSL is still good for your site for the full year so even if you move your service to another company your SSL is still in effect.

Custom Namesevers

OverVolt's "Hosting Reseller Package" includes custom nameservers like:
 Should your client do a 'whois' lookup the nameservers that resolve to your domain will show your domain name instead of OverVolt.com making it harder for your clients to find out you are a reseller.

Free rDNS (reverse domain service)

You can use one of your 3 included IP addresses for a private IP for your site. This is required anyway for a SSL certificate to be installed. We put your domain name on the rDNS lookup. If anyone does a rDNS on your IP or a trace route your domain name is returned. Example IP: '' OverVolt's IP.

Private IP addresses

 3 Private IP Addresses come with the Shared and VPS Hosting Reseller Package 5 with the dedicated. You will use one IP for the "Shared" IP. Most of your clients will be using this IP. This IP will also double as the IP for your nameserver "NS1..." The second IP you will use for your nameserver "NS.2..." and will be assigned to your company's domain only. The second private IP goes just to your company webpage. Installation of your SSL certificate requires you to have a IP that no one else has. Youe domain name will show on this rDNS.

WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution)

ClientExec Complete Client Management, Billing & Support! WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. WHMCS handles everything from signup to termination, with automated billing, provisioning & management. With WHMCS, you're in control with a very powerful business automation tool. Automatically creates, suspends and terminates accounts. Does your billing including sending client invoices when due with an attached .pdf copy of the invoice.

eNom Reseller Account INCLUDED!

Sell TLD domains such as .com, .net, .biz. .info and more for $9.95/year. That's a $995.00 VALUE Included with your package. See for yourself at eNom's price page HERE! PLUS! You can also sell SSL certificates, Whois ID protect, DNS hosting, Email hosting, Web Site Creator, Business Listing and lots more! AND! At a price cheaper than eNom sells the same items. You decide what prices to sell to your clients.

Our low price for all this?

  ONLY! $25.00/monthly added to your shared or VPS lease each month. See our Special packages we have put together for our VPS Web Hosting Resellers The $25 price is discounted to ONLY $15 and already added in the price!  If you want to add it later just contact sales@OverVolt.com
  Add it to your Dedicated server too. Currently dedicated does include direct support for your clients (End User Support) but the rates are slightly higher *NO EXTRA CHARGE up to 100 accounts then (up to 300 accounts $40/mo then UNLIMITED accounts $60/mo). We have to have this price because of the large number of clients you could have on a dedicated server. To be absolutely clear about this let's list it here for our Resellers on your own Dedicated Server.
UP TO 100 Accounts - NO additional fee
101 to 300 Accounts - $40/month additional
Over 300 Accounts (unlimited) - $60/month additional. NOTE: An account is a hosted domain not a client who could have dozens of domains under his one account.