Over Volt's End User Support Details

Let me go over a few things about the VPS accounts:

1] You will have your own cPanel & WHM license for your VPS giving you the ability to sell Hosting AND Reseller Accounts. We include cPanel/WHM already with your VPS account. cPanel and WHM are considered the very top of the line for automating not only hosting accounts but is useful for selling most any items. The add-ons Softaculous is $3mo  Fantastico is $3/month, Installatron $3/month, RVskin $3/month.

2] Reseller Package Includes End User Support for your hosting clients. We will install a remote login on your hosting site where your clients can log in to submit support tickets. You will be issued a account on our Vision help desk server so you can interact with your clients and our support personal. You can also add Knowledgebase, Downloads, Troubleshooting and company News. Your remote login is fully customizable! See an example here.

3] We lease automated hosting account setup software programs. They are:
WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solutions) Which is a complete automated account creation software that also includes billing, helpdesk and so much more - (included in our Reseller Package)
ClientExec A similar program to WHMCS. (May be substituted for WHMCS).

4] Our servers are setup using 4 drives in RAID 10 which is a very fast and safe way of storing data. While it is unlikely data would be lost we do include backup of the individual VPS accounts. Like when you lease a dedicated server you are responsible for backing up your data. Should you want to purchase your own direct link to our backup server from which you can restore folders for you and your clients without involving or waiting for our service department. the cost of including the button   You can backup by downloading compressed files to your home computer. We Backup your VPS  controlled by R1Soft backup software. R1Soft is the industry standard for hosting backups. Contact sales for more information. For VPS accounts you can either buy a direct account on the control server ($5/mo) which gives you access to your client folders allowing you to restore them without even having to contact support. OR! You can pay for our technicians to restore anything from your entire VPS to one folder. Prices will reflected  the amount of accounts or folders we have to restore. A $35 minimum will be charged.
* OverVolt's Reseller Package INCLUDES backup and control server account.

5] Shared Reseller hosting comes with 2 IP addresses, additional are $3/month. The Reseller VPS (also our regular VPS) comes with 3 IPs included. Additional IPs are $1.50/mo. All Dedicated Servers come with 5 IP addresses included, additional IPs $1/mo. All Shared & VPS Reseller IP addresses are sold annually. Dedicated servers must buy IP in blocks; i.e. /29 = 8 IPs (5 usable,  3 must be used for switches & hubs):
/29 (8 IPs
/28 (16 IPs
/27 (32 IPs
/26 (64 IPs

6] You will have your own mail server, ftp server etc. so there are no limits on the number of emails php script memory limits and all the other restrictions associated with a shared server. You still must remain within your account's resource limits except for occasional memory bursting.

If you have any questions let us know and we will be happy to answer them for you.
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