Over Volt's Dedicated Server Add-ons

Support & Programming $75 per hour (billed at half hour increments) If your server is unmanaged these fees apply to any work we do to your server.

OverVolt's Fully Managed Linux common OS Service is $49/month. SALE now only $29.95!
We don't support Windows!
We don't manage windows systems at this time. All Windows servers sold as unmanaged.
Additional Server management information can be found on this webpage.


  • "Hosting Reseller Package" $25/mo + $10 setup. Read more here
  • Remote Reboot $10 month
  • Ram upgrades:
      • 1 GB - $25 setup/ $15 month
      • 2 GB - $50 setup/ $25 month
  • HD upgrades
      • 250 GB - $25 setup/ $15 month
      • 500 GB - $50 setup/ $25 month
      • 1 TB (1000 GB) - $50 setup/ $35 month
      • (free Installation on all hardware)
  • Pre-paid Extra Bandwidth $10/mo. per 100gig
      • Bandwidth Overage $1.75/mo per GB ($5 minimum)
  • Operating Systems
      • Linux CentOS 5 FREE (Recommended for hosting)
      • Linux Ubuntu FREE
      • Linux Debian FREE
      • Linux Fedora Core FREE
      • Linux Suse FREE
      • Windows 2003/2008 Web Edition $25 month
      • Windows 2003/2008 Server Enterprise $55 month
  • Plesk 10 Domain Control Panel $10/mo. (free installation)
  • Plesk 100 Domain Control Panel $25/mo. (free installation)
  • Plesk Unlimited Domain Control Panel $32/mo. (free installation)
      • Plesk Power Pack - add-on scripts for Plesk control panels $12/mo.
  • WHM/cPanel $30/mo. (free installation)
      • Fantastico $3.00 (cPanel add-on)
      • RvSkin $4.00 (cPanel add-on)
      • Installatron $4.00 (Fast application installer)
      • Softaculous $3.00 (Fast application installer)
  • Interworx Control Panel $25/mo. (free installation)
  • DirectAdmin Control Panel $25/mo. (free installation)

Additional IPs - Dedicated servers are $1.00/mo each, (Block size requirements) Min. block size is 8 IPs.
All IP addresses that are additional to the 5 that come with your server MUST MEET ARIN JUSTIFICATION.
Proper justification can be:
1. Web Hosting with SSL: Generally, an SSL certificate will be issued for a specific domain. Because of the limitations of the Apache web server, certificate files are restricted to a per IP or per system basis. Therefore, any client that would like to host an SSL encrypted domain on the server will need a unique IP address. The justification will be considered Acceptable when the customer provides a copy of the CSR and corresponding CA signed CRT for each domain. Please do not include the key file.

2. Custom Name Server Addresses: In compliance with standard RFCs, name servers must run on unique IP addresses. In order for resellers and other customers to utilize custom name servers on their own domain, 2 IP addresses are required per domain.

3. Applications Requiring a Unique Port: Some services that clients choose to host require that each instance of the application utilize a specific port on the server. Therefore, to run multiple instances of the service, multiple IP addresses are required. Examples of these types of services include SMTP, POP, IMAP4 and NNTP.

4. Virtual Machine Hosting: Providers of virtual machine hosting services require unique IP addresses for each virtual machine that they provide to a customer. Additionally, as a virtual machine functions much like a dedicated server, end users as well as the customer may wish to utilize the service to provide other services that are acceptable justification for additional address space. Any of the services listed above are examples of the services that a virtual machine hosting customer may host on their virtual machine hosting server.

5. Network Equipment and IPs used for Addressing: Generally, this type of justification will only apply to co location customers. Addresses utilized for access and administration of networking devices, such as routers, switches, PDUs, and other equipment, will fall into this category.

This justification must be received in our office before the IP addresses will be issued. Please note, these rules do not apply to the 5 IP addresses that come with the server for free. You only need supply justification for any extra IPs.

OverVolt offers a single user license to Vision Helpdesk software free for our clients that need to offer client support. Simply contact the Customer Service department from your client area asking for your license and installation instructions.
Directadmin $25
cPanel server $30
cPanel VPS $12
Interworx unlimited $25
Webmin and Servermin free

Additional IPs - Resellers $2.00/mo, VPS $1.50/mo, Dedicated $1.00/mo

If you don't see one of these services listed on your order form email sales at OverVolt.com


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