SORRY. ALL Clearance servers are CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

This link is to one of our (sister server) servers that is a shared server and almost loaded (about 300 accounts) SAME datacenter and SAME cage: 10 MB TEST FILE! ...Here is a LIVE link to the same server showing it's current load and status. SERVER LOAD!

Announcing (only 4 in stock) Pentium 4 3.0 GHz - 2GB memory - 2ea. 250 Sata Hard Drives
SPECIAL SALE! Lease starting from only $16/monthly  SEE BELOW
Colo fee $85  Put anything on them you want. We can lease you a Control Panel or you can get it elsewhere. Free Linux Distros installed (no setup fee) Webmin is free too. Special! Fully managed for only $29 WAS $49/monthly (requires our software (ie. cPanel or Windows) to be installed) To order please email us at our Sales Department. that's

BARGAIN SERVERS  - Atlanta Datacenter -

ONE SHOT SPECIAL When they are gone they are gone! The "S-" servers we only have ONE ea!

Sorry, We are currently out of our Clearance servers. These will only become available again when clients terminate their current leases.
To make amends for the outage we are leasing our most popular server at $50 permanent discount. To receive this discount order  our "OVa E3-1220-8
" server and use coupon code "199minus50" (no quotes).

S-1 Intel P4 3.2, 2GB RAM, 2 X 250GB Sata $20/mo plus $75/mo colo fee      Buy Now
S-2 Intel P4 3.2, 2GB RAM, 2 x 120GB sata $18/mo plus $75/mo colo fee      
Buy Now
S-3 Intel P4 3.2, 2GB RAM, 120GB Sata $16/mo plus $75/mo colo fee           
Buy Now
S-4 Intel P4 3.0, 2GB RAM, 160GB + 250GB HD $18/mo plus $75/mo colo fee
Buy Now
DUAL Xeon 2.4 Ghz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD Sata $30/mo Plus $75/mo colo fee   
Buy Now
We only have ONLY one each of the above servers in stock. Fist paid first sold.

Requires colo fee of $75/monthly and that's it! You have your Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz kick but server that you can put anything you like on
(fine print: EXCEPT WHAT IS AGAINST OUR TOS) :-) The thing is, IT'S YOUR SERVER! No more SHARING RESOURCES, rules to protect OTHER USERS, using too much server RESOURCES! ALL THE RESOURCES ARE YOURS! Your own MAIL & FTP SERVER. ******* NO SPAM!!!! ******

  These servers include collocation fees

AMD 4600x2, 4gb, 400GB H.D. $129/mo Buy Now 4GB RAM and ONLY $129!
AMD 64 4600x2, 2GB RAM, 320 Sata H.D. $129/mo
AMD Dual Athlon 64 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB H.D. $139/mo
Buy Now Dual Athlon 64 2.2GHz!
AMD Dual Athlon 64 2.2GHz 2gb RAM - 2 X 250GB H.D. - $139/mo
Buy Now Dual Athlon 64 2.2GHz!
AMD Dual Opteron 246, 8GB RAM, 4 x 400GB H/W Raid 10 $194/mo
Opteron 2210 4GB RAM,  4x250GB H.D. $169/mo
Buy Now 1TB of storage and only $169!
Intel e4500 (dual core), 2gb ram, 2x250GB H.D. $159.00/mo
Buy Now DUAL 250gb DRIVES!
Intel Xeon 2.13ghz,4GB RAM, 2x250GB H.D. $169.00/mo
Buy Now DUAL 250gb DRIVES!
Dual xeon 2.8Ghz, 2GB RAM, 500GB H.D.  $139.00/mo
Buy Now Dual Xeon 2.8GHz!
Intel Xeon 3.0, 2GB RAM, 250 Sata H.D. $139.00/mo
Buy Now ZIP ALONG AT 3.0 GHz!
Intel Dual Xeon 3.2, 4GB RAM, 2 x 400GB Sata H.D. in Raid 1 $179.00/mo

Collocation fee $85/U
Includes 5IPs and 2000GB Data transfer!
100 Mbps Port Speed

Special Fully Managed SERVICE for $29/month (Special Sale!) Usually $49/month
NO SETUP FEES! (managed service on Linux based servers only)
First come first served. Availability NOT guaranteed.
Contact or call 678-995-8786 - Visit our new forums HERE


Fully Managed:
Unmanaged (monthly +$0)
(Fully Managed +$45 SALE $29/monthly)
Fully managed means:
There are no levels of service to buy. You get full management of your server including monitoring.

OverVolt will:
Security Harden your server including firewall
Do a initial setup
operating software installation
security monitoring
application software installed on request
24/7/365 technical support via helpdesk, email & phone
Hardware replacement or upgrade within 4 hours guaranteed.
99.9% Network Uptime
Free Monthly OS Reloads (on Supported Operating systems)
Uptime monitoring included

TO PURCHASE CONTACT SALES click here Limited number of servers available.
First come first served. Availability not guaranteed.

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